BassCat builds Total Performance Bass Boats.

Ranked #1 in Customer Satisfaction by J.D. Powers for FIVE consecutive years, BassCat is a Family Tradition. They put a heavy emphasis on family as they build dreams every day. Let BassCat build a dream for you. See all the BassCat models by clicking here.


Jewel Bait Company.

When you want the best, you want Jewel. Whether you need the Football jigs, Pro Spider jigs, Flippin' jigs, or the Swimbait Hyper Hooks, Jewel makes the best on the market. Visit us on the web here.


Redneck Remedy

No, you can't smear this on Gerald Swindle and make him disappear, but it does work wonders on your sunburn, windburn, and minor skin irritations. The stuff is nothing short of amazing when it comes to any type of skin irritation. My initial use of Redneck Remedy was for a nasty burn on my arm from a heat gun. "Amazing" is the best word I can think of to describe the relief. No more pain, no peeling, and amazingly enough, not even a scar. I was hooked and you will be too. Check out all the products Redneck Remedy has to offer here.

Mercury Marine

Since 1939, Mercury has been the industry leader in marine propulsion. Check out the fuel-efficient OptiMax and the new four-stroke Verado. Want to see just what that BassCat will do? Hang a Pro XS on the transom and hang on. For more info on Mercury Marine, click here.

Serious Baits...For Serious Fishing.

When money is on the line, look to Peeper's Baits to find lures that get the job done. Peeper's doesn't carry lures to make a quick buck, Peeper's sells baits that put fish in the boat. One of the only sellers in the U.S. of the notorious WEC crankbaits. Check out Peeper's selection by clicking here.
 - What It's Really Like.

Have you ever wanted to know what it's REALLY like on the Insied of Pro Bass Fishing? Here's your chance to find out from guys who are there, have been there, done that, and are still writing the book on what it takes to make a living chasing green fish. Check out all the action here.


Lew's - Lighter, Faster, Stronger

Driven by innovation, it was the late Lew Childre who started many of today’s popular baitcast features, such as the low-profile design, a palming side cover, and the disengaging levelwind. Today's Lew's Speed Spool and Speed Spin reels live up to the original Lew's commitment to creat reels that were Llighter, Faster, and Stronger. Check out the complete line of Lew's Speed Spool, Speed Spin, and Speed Sticks here.

Zoom Bait Company - Bass Love 'Em.

Zoom makes the best soft plastics in the world; the best damn sof plastics on the planet. Don't believe me? Just ask the bass. Made in Georgia, sold around the world. Numerous styles in hundreds of colors. Check out all the colors in all the baits that Zoom offers here.


Vicious Fishing - Get Vicious!

Looking for tyhe best value on some of the best line you can spool on a reel? Get Vicious. From Trophy Largemouth to Panfish to Catfish, Vicious has a line to help you haul in whatever fish you chase. !00 % Fluorocarbon, Ultimate co-polymer, Braid, or any of the other lines, Vicious gets you the Ultimate Strike. Check out the full lineup of Vicious products here.


Ozark Outdoor Supply

"Arkansas’ oldest and most experienced outdoor outfitter."

Ozark Outdoor Supply has been an outdoor specialty retailer for over 35 years. Ozark's philosophy is to provide their customers with products, services, and information that will make their adventures in the outdoors more enjoyable. The staff at Ozark doesn't just sell outdoor gear...they use it. To find out more about Ozark Outdoor, click here.


Motorguide - Never Stop

Get the Digital Advantage with a Motorguide Trolling Motor. At MotorGuide, we believe there are some things you should Never Stop doing. Never Stop Learning. Never Stop Improving.

And Never Ever Stop Fishing.Check out the Digital Guardian from Motorguide by clicking here.
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